Sunday, 3 June 2012

Shirdi near Pune - Shirgaon (aka Prati-Shirdi) - May 30, 2012

After a long hiatus (courtesy: Hot Indian Summers), we decided that before we start our expeditions once again in monsoons, let us first go for a pilot trip. We decided Shirgaon, now famous as Prati-Shirdi. This is because of the replica of the Sai Baba Temple of Shirdi which is made here.
After our office hours we started off at 5.15 pm from Pimpri towards Mumbai on Old Mumbai-Pune Highway on our 2-wheelers. After the 1st Toll (on Old Highway) there is an immediate left turn. There are hoardings with photos of Sai Baba. Another important land mark is the Birla Ganesh (a very high idol of Lord Ganesh placed at a hillock and hence can we visible from a distance). Note that if you are coming by a 4-wheeler, you need to tell the toll booth about your destination as Shirgaon. So that you are charged accordingly. There is no toll for 2-wheeler however.
This road on the left goes straight to the temple (about 2.5 kms from the highway). On the way you need to cross the Express Highway over a bridge.
The temple, they say, is the replica of the one at Shirdi. The Sanctum Sanctorum is covered completely with gold plated miniature design on the pillars and arches. Marble idol of Sai Baba is seen sitting on a high platform. Photography is not allowed inside now. However, when I had visited earlier 2-3 years ago, such restrictions were not there. Therefore, I am having the inside photos. I will upload them later.
We reached inside by 6.00 pm. The Aarti starts at 6.15 pm daily and lasts for about 20 minutes. After the Aarti, there is a Prasad distribution which starts immediately - a bowl full of spicy rice.
Apart from this, there is a Maha-Prasad (which constitutes a full fledged lunch / dinner plate). It costs Rs. 20 only. The area where it is served is no less than a palatial dining room, referred as अन्न-छत्र. Maha-Prasad starts at 7.30 pm (for evening). It is also available in the afternoon.

Anna-Chhatra (अन्न-छत्र) -
Dining Place where Maha-Prasad is served
Interiors of dining room
Meal that is served as a Maha-Prasad (Cost: Rs. 20 only)
The route map from Pune is given below:


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