Sunday, 24 July 2011

Lavasa again - July 14, 2011

Our Tata Motors Group were planning for some getaway this week-end (for those who do not know, Thursday is our week-end  L )

After much deliberation & almost cancellations we zeroed-in to Lavasa. For me it was Lavasa Again after my last Jan-11 trip.

We left from my house (Narayan Peth, Pune) at 3.15 pm. Tushar came to pick me up in his i10. On the way we picked up Sourabh from
Prabhat Road
and finally set ourselves for the destination.

Excellent drive all across. Till Pirangut it is some what OK. On/off villages pass by with road-side dhabas, hotels & resorts. But once you take the left on Ghotawade Phate after Pirangut, it’s a splendid view wherever you see. I could compare the difference last time I visited in Jan-11. Monsoons are monsoons. You cannot witness this beauty during other seasons.
However, Temghar Dam disappointed us. We had thought that we would be witnessing some breath-taking view of water flowing through the Dam walls / gates. Nothing like it was there. Situation was much better during my last visit. In fact when we ascended the ghat we saw that the water level is much-much low; to an extent almost the complete dam-wall was visible.
Please note that the previous Rs. 18/- toll at Bavdhan (just after Chandni Chowk) is now waived-off for Pune registered (MH-12) vehicles. This may be also waived-off for PCMC registered (MH-14) vehicles. Last time I had to pay that.
With some brief stops for gas, tea & photography we reached Lavasa Main Gate by 5.00 pm.

That complete descend till Dasave village was again magnificent. The whole surrounding was as if dipped in clouds. We were not able to see the Dasave Village & the Lake below.
There was continuous drizzle, though not heavy pour. There were water falls all round the drive down. Temperature was literally chilling. It was a feeling as we were not in Pune, but some-where in Ooty, Kodia-kanal or Shimla.

After a brief drive around Dasave Lake (there was no rush at all, being an odd day. Water sports activity was also closed), we had some snacks & tea at a cafeteria which just before the lake.
We decided to move back. It was around 6.15 pm.

Return journey was no less than the earlier one. Incredible. We had a butta (Corn) on the way back. Eating it on such occasions & climate has a fun of its own.

By 8 pm I touched my house.

All-in-all it came out to be a great trip planned with really short notice.

Lavasa position     18° 26’ 13.02” N    73° 33’ 19.46” E

Odometer readings are same as in my previous post.

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