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Museum Of Miniature Railways - May 20, 2013

Its been since 1998 that a Joshi's Museum Of Miniature Railways is functioning in one of the Pune suburbs at Kothrud. And it is not just any museum; it is in fact the work of detailing done by Bhau Joshi (as he is affectionately called).

The railway models range from now well-known Electric Locomotives to the age-old Steam Locomotives. There are well-known models of the Railways from various countries - Japan to Germany. There are also various types of Railway Transport Modes - Railways, Trams, Mono-rails, Rope-ways, etc. All these are Scale Models with the reduction ratio of 1:87 (i.e. these are manufactured with 87 times reduced dimensions of the actual).

And it is not just about the Railways. Entire imaginary city is built here. The city has a large highway with cars running over it. There are Platforms, Fly-overs, Ghat-sections, Tunnels. Also part of this city is a Circus and a Fun-fair with Giant Wheel, Merry-go-round, Roller-coaster Ride, etc. Lighting is so done that the city looks beautiful in the night.

The show is of about less than 1/2 an hour. It can become an ideal place to spend a short evening time. Guests visiting Pune can be taken to show this place. It would be a different experience than routine Parks and Temples. It is a very simple, no-frills, place. Don't expect any air-conditioned hall with recliner cushioned seats here   ;-)

Information is explained in a simple Marathi language so that children can easily understand. I don't think a show in Hindi and/or English is available (need to enquire). However, still the show is worth a visit even for those who don't understand Marathi.

Miniature City, with the control unit at the back
Patrons, mostly children, watching the show
A small video clip of part of the show is below, just to provide an idea.

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