Monday, 16 September 2013

Pavana Dam - August 1, 2013

We had to undertake a vehicle trial of our upcoming model. We decided the Pavana Dam - Dudhivare Khind route; the kind of route we wanted - Highway, Cross-Country and Ghat Section, with lot many pot holes due to the rainy season. So this was our official trip at one of the many scenic drives near Pune.

We started off from our office in Pimpri at 10 am. We took the Old Pune-Mumbai Highway (NH-4).

There is a left turn at Kaamshet (after Talegaon) towards Kalewadi. After Kalewadi, the road is extremely scenic. On the left Pavana Dam Wall is visible as the road climbs a small ghat.

Pavana Dam - River flowing past the Dam

Pavana Dam - Wall & Catchment Area
With the backwaters on the left and the road twisting & turning through the ghat, the drive is awesome. And driving an SUV on this is like an icing on the cake.

We could see many waterfalls on the way. It was an official Test Drive, hence we couldn't stop at all of them; however, we still sneak through couple of them for a brief photography. Again being on official duty, we just photographed and had to resisit our temptation of taking a cool bath inside one of them...

Tunga Fort across the Pavana backwaters
From here, we took the Lonavala route through Dudhivare Khind. It is a small mountain pass on top of a hill with travel distance of just above 100 meters. However, the high walls of black rock on both sides with a very narrow road to pass was giving a very eerie feeling. Just a note, do not stop your vehicle in between; there are chances of land-slides (they are not fatal though). Park the vehicle before or after the pass and then walk in between.

Dhudivare Khinda

From here we went to Lonavala, had lunch in between and then reached our office in Pimpri.


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