Sunday, 5 February 2012

Recap 2011

Year 2011 started off with a resolution of maintaining an online travelogue through blogging - this was to maintain a record for myself and to help other fellow travellers plan their trip; in a way I am doing so and taking online help when I plan for one.

So I penned down the first post for Diveagar-Harihareshwar trip that we did in Mar-2010 with my Tata Motors colleagues.

2011 brought with it two trips, both in January 2nd week. Alibag-Janjira again with my TML colleagues and then trip to Lavasa at the backyard of Pune with Manjiri and Arnav.

In Mar-2011, our Photography Club had planned an excursion to Kihim Beach. So here I was visiting Alibag again within a span of 2 months.

Then there was a lull period for the two quarter almost. Monsoons brought with it loads of opportunity for "excavations" around. In Jul-2011 we went to Thoseghar Waterfalls near Satara. We tried to see the Chalkewadi Windmills also; however, we were not able to see them effectively due to heavy fog. Next we shall give it a try again. Then 4 days later, we went again to Lavasa with two of my TML colleagues. The place had transformed like anything due to monsoons than last time we visited in January.

1st week of Aug-2011 also had another Photography Club excursion; this time to Mahabaleshwar - to capture the natural ecosystem (theme for our photography). We coupled the 15th August holiday for a family visit to my cousin at Badalapur (near Karjat). From there we went to a Waterfall at a nearby village named Savroli.

Again the same 3 of us (TML guys) planned a short Thursday outing to Panshet-Varasgaon Dams near Pune in the 1st week of Sep-2011. In the 3rd week we 3 along with 5 others went to Malshej Ghat. This was a distinct promotion party instead of the regular restaurant types.

Oct-2011 was our already long planned family trip to our native in Konkan. 3 days coupled with Diwali holidays was an experience that we can cherish.

This way year 2011 came with in all 10 trips. I don't remember I have traveled  to so many places in a year earlier.

Next year atleast I should target for a trip a month. Many places are on cards - Kaas, Bhandardara, Ajanta-Ellora (Aurangabad), Ramdara, Bhuleshwar, Morachi Chincholi, Ranjan-Khalge. Lets see how it all fares.

Happy travelling!!!

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