Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Hurda Party - 15-Jan-12

Chilling Pune winters bought with it an idea for a Hurda Party. This was planned completely by Sneha’s In-Laws. And within a couple of days on January 15, 2011, we were at Ahmednagar eating delicious Hurda.

We, 11 of us (3 cars), started-off from Pune at about 7 am in the morning. Took the Nagar Road (from Bund Garden Bridge and Yerawada).

Road is excellent. Toll road; 4 lanes with divider all across till Ahmednagar (except a small patch of 4-5 kms). Toll rates are about 55 Rs. (two way) for a car.

After a brief stop in between for a cup of tea and some snacks, we reached our destination at 10.30 am.

It was Ran-vaara, sort of a budget resort (no frills). It has an open space with Mango and Coconut trees all around. Some 4-5 covered cottages; few more open spaces.

There are no entry charges. Charges are only for the eatables you order, be it Bhajiyas, or Sugarcane juice, Ice-balls, Hurda obviously. So important is you should keep on ordering something or the other to eat. And you can sit there whole day long (surely, there are some morning and evening times – 11 am to 4 pm & 4 pm till late night).

There aren’t any activities as such. A Giant Wheel and some Merry-Go-Rounds for kids are available though. That’s it. The main thing you should go there is to relax, chat and do lots of gossips. One can bring there own games to play there, be it Football or Cricket. Being Sankranti that day, some had bought Kites to fly out there.

Food was delicious. At any point of time there was something available to eat or atleast nibble.
Finally, we had Hurda. It is actually Bajra grains (Pearl Millet) roasted over fire and served hot along with Chutney, Jaggery. Hurda is available during the 4 months of 15-Nov to 15-Feb. The earlier you go, the better you get.
It was followed by a typical Maharashtrian pastoral lunch of Zunka-Bhakar, Pithala, Mataki Usal, Vangyacha Bharit.
The Making of Hurda 

and THIS IS IT   !!!
Bhakari, Pithala, Mataki Usal
All this costed us around 1400 Rs.

By 4 pm we decided to return back. We went in the Ahmednagar city at one of their relatives. Had a cup of tea there and by 5 pm we set off back to Pune.

There was our plan to have Misal-Paav at Saradwadi (near Shirur). However, we had our stomachs full by just eating out each and everything Raan-vaara had to offer, that we cancelled this idea and headed straight to Pune. By the way, Misal-Paav and Bhel at Saradwadi is extremely famous. It’s a default stop for those who regularly visit Ahmednagar.

By 8.30 pm we were back home after an excellent Hurda Party.

Contact at Raan-vara – Mr. Vijay Lonkar – 9822119893
Odometer reading:

0          Pune City (Narayan Peth)
55        Ranjangaon
121      Take a Right turn – Hotel Anuraj on left – there is a 4 kms mile-stone to Ahmednagar

            1st Right again

124      Ran-vaara

271      Pune City (Narayan Peth)


  1. Hey i tried to find place on google bt not getting closer .Can u provide exact location

    1. It's just before Ahmednagar on right hand side coming from Pune. Nearby village name is Kedgaon. Location Coordinates are given in the blog.,74.684812&hl=en&ll=19.036237,74.684887&spn=0.046816,0.055189&num=1&t=h&gl=in&z=14

  2. Thank u Kaustubh..u took us there...